35 Ways of Making Money Online Fast

Making money online fast

It is no doubt that one of the emerging ways of making money online fast in this century is via working online.

Making money online fast is gradually and step by step becoming prominent in society and especially among the youth.

Probably this could be your first time of coming across a post like this and you have little or no idea on what making money online means, this blog post is all about explaining extensively what making money online means, how you can go about making money online free, quick means of making money online, and also what jobs make most of the money.

At the end of this article, you must have been exposed to 35 ways that have been tested and proved to be a means of making money online.

How to make money online free

The first big question to ask yourself is “how do I make money online?” The reason for this is because the internet is so big and wide just like the sea such that you need guidelines and directions so that you won’t be lost.

Full of authenticity and scams, good and ugly, times of promising and time of denial, time of starting for free and time of paying for services or skills so you can boost your online business.

In this session, you would be taken through different means of making money online for free.

Be an Influencer:

Being an online influencer is one of the easiest ways of making money online fast and which also does not cost you anything but your time and patience.

What do you need to do? The foundation of being an influencer is having a substantial amount of active followers which is where time is needed.

You need to carefully build your followers by posting information that would engage them.

Once you have a reasonable ground on whatever platform you are using, naturally people would slide into your inbox asking for how you could promote them since they know you have the level of followers needed.

From this, you can always state your billings and also state how long the promotion would run. Simple right? Information is key, many folks out there earning a real income from what you just read.


Writing in this century does not have to do with a novel, poem, and the likes.

If you are the type that can play around words in different ways, then you do not need to write a book before you can make money.

Another good news is that you do not have to come in contact with whoever you want to work with as a writer because everything which includes the requirement, terms of service, submission of work, and payment of work could be done online.

What do you need to do? Make your presence known online by having a good looking profile on major social media account.

Connect with potential people that would possibly need a writer. For example, information markers, students, etc. and you can take it further by registering as a freelancer on any site like fiverr.com

How to make money online quick

You could learn to make money online for free and on the other hand, you could meet with professionals, pay them to teach you how to go about making money online and set yourself on the path of making money online fast.


Our number one quickest means of making money online is by getting involved in forex.

Forex is the short name for Foreign Exchange. In a minute, you could have tens of thousands, and in the next few minutes, you could be talking of millions.

However, this particular online job requires you to first learn, relearn, and learn all over again. It is also highly risky.

Just like the popular cliché that says “the higher the profit the higher risk”. You can go into forex in two ways:

  1. You can start by learning how to trade. Or
  2. You can invest your money with professional traders and wait for a return

Make money by selling a product online:

there are a lot of goods that you can market online and get sales for yourself.

Many young folks out here are selling shoes, bags, clothes, etc. without having a store or a shop.

More light would be shared in our next suggestion.

Make money from shipping:

You can sell your product online like the medical product and you can sell by ordering from cheap stores online, get it to the required client that needs it and get paid to your local bank account.


This is one of the big waves of the moment. Cryptocurrency is gradually getting large that everything is going crypto.

Cryptocurrency is not just about bitcoin alone but about every economical crypto coins. You can earn money online quick via buying and selling bitcoins.

This idea is cool but requires you to be careful just as we have said at the beginning of this post that scams are much online just as we have many opportunities also.

Email marketing:

Email marketing is also among ways of making money online fast. however, you would need to learn about it as it requires a little bit of software and directions. The popular cliché “the money is in the list” shows how important this skill is. Many emails that land in your inbox daily are the result of this.

Selling of stock photos:

Are you into photography? Or you like taking pictures of yourself.

You might have to do further research by looking into how you can increase your earning from the corner of your room by selling pictures.

Buying and selling websites

Creating a YouTube channel:

This another way of making money online fast. If you have a website you can send your website visitors to your channels, create funny or informative content, get more viewers and secure them.

People love entertaining videos and informative videos.

You can also do this even if you don’t have any website by go to youtube.com and create a channel.

And then drive people from your social media account to your video.

Work as a virtual assistant:

If you are good at organizational and admin works, you could start a virtual assistant by registering on a freelancing platform like fiverr.com or get customers locally.

Virtual assistant jobs include data entry, proofreading, etc.

Coding and programming

Jobs that make the most money

Like we have discussed at the beginning of this article, there are streams of work online however, you need to be familiar with the list of jobs or skills that fetch good money.

They include:

Data science:

35 ways of making money online

Data science is going viral as employers are looking to employ more data scientists and the need for data processing keeps rising.

Data analysis includes, data processing with SPSS, python, machining, and with R-language.

Freelance writing:

This includes ghostwriting, copywriting, research writing, editing, scriptwriting, academic writing, etc.

Affiliate marketing

Email marketing

Information marketing

Social media manager

Graphics design


Web developing

Programming and coding

Final Take on ways of making money online fast

From the list of skills that have described in the cause of reading this article are proven ways you can start making money online fast.

Many of these skills have been saving a lot of youths out there and enable them to make the passive income they desire.

You can also pick any one that is in line with your passion and start earning some cool cash.

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