How to make money from blogging in 2020

How to make money from blogging in 2020

how to make money from blogging

How to make money from blogging in 2020; if you have been looking for these ideas it will be in your best interest to read on. This is because this post is for you.

There is no magic behind making money from the act of blogging or your website.

It is achievable by anyone as we have seen a lot of people that have learned how to make money from blogging and successfully achieved their aims

We have seen a lot of cases where having a side work like blogging that serves as passion or hobby turns out to be a source of the steady or passive income that is always accompanied by luck and little hard work from the blogger.

Understanding how to make money from blogging is necessary if you want to convert your passion into a source of income.

If you do your blogging right and you are wondering the least income you could get from it, you can rest assured that at worst expenses attached with blogging which includes buying a domain, registering the domain bought, and probably cost of securing internet service shall be covered.

Furthermore, if you play your part very well, you can earn so high that money from bogging could replace your income.

In this post, we would be opening your eyes to tips and strategies on how you can monetize your website.

Kindly take note that the tips you would read in this post would range from the ones that are easy and require less time to the ones that might require you to stay all night and dedicate more energy to it.

The more income you plan to make, the more dedication you must plan to put in.

so, the general advice is to blog about something that gives you joy, something that even when you are tired, the passion behind it can keep you moving.

How to make money with a blog


how to make money from blogging

The number idea of how to make money from blogging as a blogger is by linking your website with google Adsense.

How does this work? 

Google has got several networks of advertisement which allows bloggers or website owners to run these ads on their website.

After signing up for Google AdSense, Google would identify the kind of blog you run to know the kind of Ad they would place on your website.

For example, if you have content related to dogs and pets, Google might show your visitors ads that deal with training a dog, getting dog food, etc.

For every click on the Ad, you get paid. The amount you earn varies, depending on the amount of traffic you get.

Another thing for you to monitor on how to make money from blogging as per google AdSense is that you must have a certain number of original content on your site.


how to make money from blogging

One of the most popular ways you can make money from blogging is by registering as an affiliate.

This starts by recognizing a product you love and would like to recommend to people.

After that, you create awareness of this product on your website by promoting it on your website, and to your email subscribers (that is if you have one).

For every click you get on the affiliate link you put on your website and they make the purchase of that product, you get a commission from it.

The cut you get depends on the agreed percentage on that particular product. Clickbank, expert rate, ShareASale, etc.

All offer a product to promote and you can search more for companies or brands that have an affiliate program.

Selling of Ads

This involves the selling of space on your website. The amount you make is affected by the number of visitors you get.

You could run a package of cost per click (CPM) or fixed price.

Cost per click gives a chance to earn as high as $5000 per month and the downside is that you might earn nothing if no visitors visit your website. You can visit Buysellads.com to let companies know you are selling space.

Market your product

how to make from blogging

Are you looking for how to make money from blogging without having to involve another third party?

Selling of your digital product is another way of making 100% income on every sale because there is no middle man.

You own the product and so you get all the profit. It is a simple means of making money but at the same time, not that very easy.

You might have to design, pay for contents, getting a payment gateway, and also how do you ship or send the product bought (in case of the non-digital product).

Make money by generating leads for companies.

A lot of people are into this leads generation business but they don’t know how to make money from blogging.

Have an email list: you must build an email list so that you can always pass information to your subscribers and get them directed back to your website.

Email marketing is a very crucial medicine for online business.


how to make money from blogging

You can make money with a blog by starting a teaching forum.

For example, if you are a baker that blogs, you can start by first giving out baking tips for free and then start an online video class where people pay to get the video.

In this case, you must think of a way of getting traffic from people whose interest is in baking and then possibly build an email list for them so you can reach out to them.

Integrate a freelancing page on your website:

one of the very good ways to maximize your earnings is by creating a page that portrays what you can do and how people can hire you for such a job.

Offer consultancy services

how to make money from blogging

If you are good in a specific field, you can create a page for consultancy services where people can interact with you and then you get paid for consultations.

Pop-ups Ads:

Pop-ups are a very good way of catching the attention of your visitors and you can get a positive result from it. However, you have to be careful and not choke your website with too many pop-up ads as it can piss visitors off when it is too much.

Take Away on how to make money from Blogging

From the various tips that have been shared in this post, it can be concluded that whatever means you have chosen to make money blogging, it is important you secure a higher number of visitors to your website as they determine directly or indirectly how much profit you would earn at the end of the day.

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