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From A Once Desperate Nigerian


Warning! This is a long letter... Only the most serious people will even read it... (If That's You... Read Every Word Carefully, Because You'll Gain Priceless money-making Insight Just By Reading it!)


Dear Friend,


If the thought of how to pay your debts torture your mind and you've almost lost hope of what to do …



It's a brand new money making secret that gives you enough money to solve your financial problems without even leaving your house..


and you don't have  to buy or sell any  product or service as many people are struggling to do on the internet today.


That's not all…


You won't have any headache to worry about, since you're NOT depositing any money, 


So the FEAR of losing what you don't have is defeated.


You don't have to waste your time learning complex trading secrets or having High Blood Pressure just to read charts as the 'gurus' ask you to do in forex or binary options…


I know what you're thinking.


Heck no, it's not yahoo yahoo....


and the good thing is,

You earn in DOLLARS as many times as you want in a day, as long as you have an internet connection on your phone or computer. 

 So, this is something you can do.


How do I know?


Because I was once like you, underemployed with a salary that was too miserable to take me home.

Let Me Tell You Why I'm The Most Qualified Man to Help You Make Unholy Sum of 200,000 And Above …Without Any Stress!

...and why you cannot afford to let this opportunity pass you by. 

 My name, by the way, is Isioma Isichei, and I want you to take a look at the screenshot of one of my earnings below:

 This was made possible after my desperation led me to start searching the internet for anything I could do legally to make good money.


I worked  in Lagos Island and lived in Surulere.


Salary at the time was ₦40,000.00


A quarter of the salary was already gone on transportation.


To save cost, I woke up very early to queue up at the BRT stands and I did the same thing in the evenings, most times getting home past 9pm.


This was apart from the energy I expended running official errands during the day, making me to look gaunt.


So slim the wind tossed me here and there. 


Not because I enjoyed it, but because my account balance was an EMBARASSMENT!


...and my landlady was on my neck

Plus, I hated the office I worked, not because the boss was too strict, but because the motivation was not there.

I was working on credit...I'd already accumulated enough debts before the 15th of each month, so the rest days of the month were spent working to pay off my debts. 

Was I alone in this predicament?


Not at all. In fact, I was in paradise compared to Chibuzor, our receptionist at the time who always asked us to lend her 'small, small money' every other day.


 Just to hold body and soul together.


Everyone felt I was suffering Lagos Stress…Of course, I was. But I knew I was suffering more of 


Money stress!


My condition  become CRITICAL, and I needed quick money therapy to fix my sickness...


So, I started reading  every business book I could get.


I studied all the principles contained in them.


I did everything I saw people do on the internet-From creating a website for blogging to doing MMM (where my money was stuck forever) to Amazon publishing. 


The only thing I didn't do was importing goods from China.

Not because I didn't want to, but I didn't have a dime on me.


Then one Saturday morning, after rubbing my hungry belly and looking at the ceiling for a long time, I stood up and went to my neighbour, Silas's room to borrow money...

That Was When Everything Changed For Me…

 Silas had a laptop on his laps, shaking his head to a song by 2Face Idibia as he pressed the laptop. 


I'd always felt Silas was a fraudster.


I mean, how can a young man stay at home all day playing with his computer, bringing in the girls and was never short of cash to spend?


While an honest me was always in traffic and lacked money when I needed it. 


Silas was carefree, chatting with me happily.


Maybe maga don pay…


I got closer to see what he was doing, and my Ignorance was hit below the belt. 


This guy was having fun, looking at money in the face.


I saw his Dollar Account on the screen of his laptop and nearly choked.

This wasn't yahoo yahoo. It was 100% legit!


I lost my shame and begged him to show me the light.


I was tired of being a "big boy" with empty pockets. 


Months after, I was on top of Oke Idanre Hills in Ondo State, enjoying nature.  

 after I stopped waking up early to beat the deadly Lagos traffic...


All thanks to this secret breakthrough from Silas.


Ask yourself how much you earn; how much is remaining after meeting some of your responsibilities ? how much can you save? how much can you invest…


Can you leave your work for 5 days and money is entering your bank accout on autopilot?


Indeed, can you afford to spend 3 days on a leisure as climbing Oke Idanre Hills without getting a sack letter?


You know very well you cannot!


See, I was like you. I did many shits on the Internet when I got tired of begging for daily bread, and lost the money I wanted to have.


The future looked bleak until I discovered this secret and put it to use. 


Putting what I will show you to work is the biggest money changer you can make this year. 

 Why did I say so? The reason is simple:


you want to live a good life.


That's what this secret will do; It will hold you by the hand and lead you to where good lives are kept…


This secret has the potential of giving you ₦200,000 extra money every month, even if you hate working. 


Imagine you're so lazy you sit down and receive a credit alert of ₦200,000.00 every 30 days


That's ₦50,000 every 7 days. What some people don't even earn in a month!You are making ₦2,400,000.00 (Two Million, Four Hundred Thousand Naira) in 12 months. That means you're making 10.6 times the annual minimum wage in Nigeria. 


This is even because you're lazy and don't want to spend more than 20 minutes working everyday. You can earn 5x this amount, if you go all out. Imagine making that every week of your life. 


Would you ever worry about money again?


The principle for me and others who are already making some killing sums is to work from a point of comfort. In other words,


Less stress + More money = Valuable life


The easiest way to accomplish this is to put this simple copy and paste secret to work.

OK,  you've tried some online businesses in the past and failed. So what?


I failed too, loosing so much money in blogging, web designing and yes, forex. I even did sports betting and wiped out my salary in 3 months.


Desperation pushed me to attend a forex class by the instructor, Abiola who taught us complex trading secrets in Ikeja.


We analyzed countless charts- with each trading chart, people became more confused. 


Each confusion means the money we invested was going down the drain. 

 As I sat down in Silas's room that day and listened to him, the easiest thing I could have done was to tell him not to bother putting me through anymore. 


After all, I'd lost plenty money to online businesses in the past.


If not that I realized …


Fear is a waste of emotions


I would still be living in the past, wanting to eat good food, live in a beautiful apartment and have a good ride. All wishes, without taking action. 

You cannot attain a beautiful future with a salary structure where 20% is gone into monthly transportation and another 30% gone into house rents. 


We haven't talked about other essentials such as feeding, clothing and education of the kids ( if you have them)

This secret expo has made it very easy. You don't have to work too hard anymore. 


All you have to do is something as basic as copy and paste-get results. Repeat the process, get more results. Repeat!

Can life be easier for you elsewhere?

Consider ...

We flip the internet to do what less than 1% of internet marketers know - and what 99% of them don't know

 To unlock the vault of real money!


Everybody is selling on one page of the internet. 


But the...

Monthly Income Expo

will show you how to turn to the next page of the internet and pick up all the money there.


Let me break it down for you.

900 Million websites don't rank properly and each of them wants to pay you so that you can help people to find them on search engines 

 Since they are already loosing 54% of their potential revenues to this problem.


All you have to do is use the blueprint to make people find these websites through the simplest of strategies...


and you'll swim in an ocean of money


This is a money vault the gurus don't know about, where money is  lying down for people to come pick them up.


This is where the Monthly Income Expo will take you to join me, and

Rofiat Babatunde, CEO of Arifab Concept Enterprises who said:

I didn't even bother  to ask plenty questions. When I see an opportunity, I look out for new Information to develop myself. When I heard about the Monthly Income Expo, I was thrilled that if it could work for an expert, it could work for me. 

I was able to get 23 clicks on my unique link after a week of starting this business, dollars started to drop into my bank account.

Now I am earning on autopilot."


There is also Tobi Gbamis

An Abuja based graphic designer and digital marketer who has this to say.                     

"Woow, this is pure gold, never have I seen any easy method to make money online before, the email script are well written and it took me only 8 days to see my first $23 dollars commission.

I am now motivated to send at least 10 emails everyday!Thank you very much for this blueprint".

 Both of them discovered the real deal breaker and everything changed.


If these people can be making so much money every month 


Then, I wonder the excuse you have not to also get involved and start making at least

How do I Know This Little Secret Website Will Pay You?

 It has been paying me, and it's used by trusted brand such as:


₦200,000 Every Month Using the exact strategy I'll show you.

 Just follow the simple steps outlined in the Monthly Income Expo. 


As Rofiat and other 6-figure income earners are doing.


Every Part of The Monthly Income Expo has been designed for you to make a seamless transition into wealth. 


The good thing is…


Your social status does not matter. 


Once you can copy and paste, then you're guaranteed to make good money. 

Here's a Sneak Peek at What's Inside The Monthly Income Expo

Module #1

How To Tap Into The $13 Billion Secret Industry. 

In this first module, you will be shown what this secret is and how you can tap into the goldmine to start making money for yourself. 

Module #2

Breaking Down The Wealth Making Strategy For You

Now that you have been introduced to this business model, this module will break down the secret for you. 

You can set up a well oiled system, go to sleep and be receiving credit alerts on your phone on a regular basis. This module shows you how

Module #3

How To Identify And Promote On Your Device To Almost 900 Million Company Websites and Businesses.

A common mistake I see many people make is selling to people what they think people need, and not what people want. 

At the end, they make losses. 

Module #3 will show you the formula to identify these businesses in 10 minutes or less, and how you can reach them, in order to have huge returns in your bank account. 

You'll learn:

The best companies to reach out to. You see, there are too many companies waiting for you to reach out to them, using this secret expo.

If you're not careful, you may end up confused as you will be spoiled for choices.

Module #4

The Art of Persuasion

This is the easiest thing you can do all year long. We have provided you with persuasive materials. All you have to do is to send them out, exactly as they are, with little modification.

You don't have to do any mental work or start thinking.

In fact, you'll be tutored on the  persuasion types and the right time to use each of them for your business. 

Also, you will learn The Power of Referral (Mind you, NOT the usual bring two people under your leg)

How to use referral to generate sales.

Module #5

Start Packing the Dollars Into Your Pocket

You know the importance of taking off smoothly in  business. 

If you get it WRONG at the beginning, you'll struggle throughout and may abandon this breakthrough business out of frustration. 

This cannot be you because this module breaks down for you one simple lesson:

How to move the dollars you have made into your pocket. 

Now, you have gotten to the stage of making good money. 

You need to set up your payment gateway to receive payment. 

Still, I'm not done. I have also designed special bonuses for you to reap more financial benefits.The first of the special bonuses is:


Bonus Material #1

A Secret Step To Promote Affiliate Products Using Free Traffic 

(Value ₦5,000)

 If you're an Oliver Twist like me who wants more, then this bonus will forcefully push you into further wealth.


This bonus is a largely unknown way of using free traffic to effectively rank and put self in front of your competitors. 


This bonus reveals this priceless secret to you. 


You know the catch? The invaluable lessons in this bonus are useful for any type of marketing you want to do, no matter the nature of the business. 


So basically, you're learning a golden secret that will help all your engagements for life, at no extra costs to you. 


Bonus Material #2

Three (3) Months Unlimited Email and Telegram Support 

(Value ₦30,000)

 In addition to the first bonus, you will also get unlimited email and Telegram support for 3 Months where you get all your questions answered. 


If you need a quick chat to clarify some points, you can simply drop your message on the Telegram community forum, and it will be answered. 


If you have a question which you don't want to post on the forum, then email. You'll receive a response in less than 24 hours. 

 Bonus Material #3

Internet Truths (How To Start A Business On The Internet and Make A Lot of Money)

by Ronald Nzimora

(Value ₦15,000)

 This amazing guide by internet sensation, Ronald Nzimora, teaches you everything you need to know about doing business on the internet.


Ronald is the CEO of Digital Nexus Interactive as well as editor at www.iwillteachyoubusiness.com


For many years, he has been teaching people, both old and young, how to do business on the internet.


This bonus is one of his greatest insights, and you're lucky to be getting it for FREE.

Bonus Material #4

The 7 Step Fungolas Report

by Toyin Omotoso

 (Value ₦7,500)

 Toyin is the founder of Nigeria's largest affiliate marketing platform.


Like Ronald, if you have never heard of Toyin, then I can tell you don't really have money problems, hence you have been settled in your comfort zone.


But if you know this is not the case…


Then you're getting for yourself a priceless bonus material. 

Total Value of The 4 FREE Bonus Gifts: ₦57,500.00

 Once I was able to escape, I made a commitment to bring you to financial safety with me.

What's Your Investment Going To Be?

 I know you're already doing mental calculation of the amount in your bank account - thinking this Invaluable blueprint to financial freedom will cost you an ARM-


but, you're WRONG.


I'm giving it to you for just 




Oh yes,


Just  Five Thousand Naira Only but there's a hook,


The problem with charging low is that you attract headache giving people


These customers would call me up at night, make crazy demands and practically be all over you BEGGING me to fix one thing or the other.


Now, Take This, In as much I am being so kind to you


I will enjoin you to take take action right away,

Not tomorrow

Not Next week

because, to discourage those customers that will not enjoy the value of my course and keep asking me irrelevant questions.

I will be Increasing to ₦15,000  to repel some certain kind of people who couldn’t afford what I am charging.


But guess what?


The ones that will finally pay would NOT worry about money.


All they are interested in is RESULTS.

 Like the way I requested for a payout of $150 below!

For Bank Deposit, Internet/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money

STEP 1: You need to make a Deposit/Transfer of ₦5,000 into the bank account details

Account Name: Babatunde Rofiat

Account Number: 0794932107

Bank: Access Bank PLC

STEP 2:  After payment, send an email with subject, "I have made the Payment for the Monthly Income Expo" Your Full name, Email Address, Phone Number, Date of Payment to whatApp number/ email: +2347033928013 "info@passiveincomeatwill.info"

As soon as we confirm your payment we will send you the product link through your registered email address or whatapp number

(Usually within 30 Min)


Full PACKAGE: The Monthly Income Expo Video Blueprint plus all bonuses

Special Offer ₦5,000 Only

Works Anytime, Even At 12 Midnight. Secure Order Form - 100% Protected Safe & CBN Approved. You Get Access INSTANTLY. No Waiting Whatsoever!

The good news is it gets better...

First, I want you to understand that the first bonus (A Secret Step to Promote Affiliate Products Using Free Traffic) is only available to the first 100 People who buys the Monthly Income Expo.

13 Spots has been taken already

So you cannot lay back, thinking you have all the time in the world.

 If you are still reading and haven't taken action yet, you might be late already for this bonus. 

You should take action right now by clicking on the button below.

Once you buy, I have a guarantee for you

Your 90 Day, Money Back Guarantee.

Knowing the work that has gone into the blueprint and the results it's getting, I personally guarantee your success with the Monthly Income Expo

I'm providing you with zero-risk, unconditional, money-back Guarantee.

I want you to test-drive the Monthly Income Expo for a full 90 Days from the day you invest in the program.

In the unlikely event that you can't see the benefits of applying  the knowledge to make good money for yourself  after completing the instructions in the course, then you can shoot me an Email, and


of what you invested will be made back to you. 

No hassles.

I won't even ask you any questions because the surprise of saying you can't get results with a blueprint that is pushing Dollars into the bank accounts of people everyday, people who are not as smart as you are, will overwhelm me. 

Although, I can bet you will be delighted by how effective the blueprint is …the thought of asking for a refund won't cross your mind… even if 3x what you paid is offered back to you.

This might be your best deal to break-even this year.

You don't have to camp in another person's social media DM, waiting for giveaway. You're bigger than that. So I'm offering you this rarest of opportunities to solve your money worries once and for all.

Ask yourself

Can you really afford to let this opportunity pass you by?

That's left for you to answer

What you cannot deny is my desire to help you succeed.You have dreamt for too long. It's time to start doing ... 


Reading this far, I know you have shown an unwavering desire to succeed. 

So click the button to connect with me fast on the other side, where I eagerly await to welcome you into the house of success.


To your bliss,

Isioma Isichei and my partners  Rofiat Babatunde &  Benjamin Okpara 

P.S. In case you're one of the people who scroll down to the end of a letter to read, I also got your back


This is the summary of what I've been saying

There's a success-proof secret I want to show you that you can use to earn at least $500 in a month. 

If you convert to Naira, we're talking of over ₦200,000 every month.

Hundreds of people across the world are doing  it already. 


Module #1

How To Tap Into The $13 Billion Secret Industry. 

Module #2

Breaking Down The Wealth Making Strategy For You.

Module #3

How To Identify And Promote On Your Device To Almost 900 Million Company Websites and Businesses

Module #4

The Art of Persuasion (DFY Using our Professional Written Script)

Module #5

Start Packing the Dollars Into Your Pocket

Bonus  #1

A Secret Step To Promote Affiliate Products Using Free Traffic- (₦5,000)

Bonus #2

3 Months Unlimited Email and Telegram Support - (Value ₦30,000)

Bonus #3

Internet Truths (How To Start A Business On The Internet and Make A Lot of Money) by Ronald Nzimora -(Value ₦15,000).

Bonus #4

The 7 Step Fungolas Report by Toyin Omotosho- (Value ₦7,500)

Total Value of The (4) FREE Bonuses Gifts: ₦57,500  ...and you're getting it All for FREE 

But, be guilded

I will be Increasing to ₦15,000  to repeal some certain kind of people who couldn’t afford what I am charging.

But guess what. The ones that will finally pay would not worry about money

P.P.S. Before I sent out this letter to you, some persons asked me vital questions...and I have answered them below:

1. What's the Monthly Income Expo?

This is a success-proof secret you can use to start earning at least $500 in a month.

 If you convert to Naira, we're talking of over ₦200,000 every month.

Hundreds of people across the world are already doing it. 

Plus, it's so simple even a 10 year old child can do it. All you have to do is copy and paste with your phone or computer.

2How Long Will It Take To Get Result?

If you do what is contained in the blueprint, you can start seeing results as early as 24 hours.

The job has been made very easy for you.

Just do exactly what you're told in the blueprint, and you will make money

3. Will This Blueprint Work For Me?

Yes, it works for anybody. No matter who you're- whether a doctor, plumber, lawyer, carpenter,

professor, digital marketer, chef, bar attendant...whatever. As long as you want more money, and

you have a phone or computer, with internet connection. 

Use your device to carry out the simple instructions in the blueprint, and it will work for you.

4. ...If It Doesn't Work For Me?

Don't worry, i understand you are sceptical. It will work, as long as you follow the blueprint totally.

However, if you follow what is contained in the simple blueprint as you're told and it doesn't work

for you (which is highly unlikely), you can send me an Email after 90 Days of purchasing the

blueprint...and your money will be refunded to you in full.

5. Can I use my Mobile Phone To Implement The Blueprint?

Perfectly, If you don't have a PC you can use your Phone to Implement the  blueprint, it only

requires you to just copy and paste. Simple!

6. How Can I Get The Monthly Income Expo?

 Very simple. Just click the button below to get this  success-proof blueprint. 


Good Luck!

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