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 Congratulations on taking a bold step you are one step away from your success.

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Back in 2014, I vividly remember that there was a time when been a civil servant was so frustrating for me because, few days after receiving the salary am already seen myself In square one, it’s as if I don’t have a job at all.


But I really love reading motivational books, that's what I used to console myself most of the time.


 On this faithful day, I came across a book written by Bishop David Oyedepo, the title of the book is ‘’ if you can think enough, what you have is enough’’.


 Although the book is small but it’s mighty because it really elevates me beyond my reasonable doubt.


 By the time I finished reading the book, for the first time, I felt the paradigm shift in me totally.


 I began to understand how to think strategically and get myself out of the situation I was, most especially the financial aspect.


 So I decided to follow what that man thought in the book.


 In the book, I learned that it is important you understand that apart from money, there are other resources you have that you can use to move your life forward.


 Here they are, you can get a white paper and jut them down if you want:


 • What talent do you have?


 • What skill do you get?


 • What physical attributes do you have?


 • What special networks do you have?


 • What material things do you have that you can sell?


 Once you have done jutting them, the next thing is to think of ways you can utilize any of those things to move forward in life.


 But you need to meditate seriously on these so that you can have the best result and you will also need to use a pen and paper.


 Once you are done, look at the best ideas that came up and begin to work on them immediately.


 When I did this exercise, I came up with so many ideas from selling food stuff, provisions, clothes, shoes & bags, online business, etc.


 But I have to look for the one that will not affect my job and also give me enough time to take care of my family.


 So I decided to go for online stuffs.


 Reading this book helped me to uncover other resources that I don’t know I had.


 I didn’t spend up to a month doing this business have already got #115,000 in my bank account that was how my life changes drastically.


 I started looking for so many ways to make money using my internet, I came across a lot including the illegal ones but I didn’t let that to disturb my decision because I know what I want.


 You need to make a better decision to move forward in your endeavor 


Make it a decision to use your brain and your mind more efficiently from now on and get yourself busy doing great things.


 If you don’t know where you want to start your journey from you can give this one a try. 






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